Friday, May 6, 2011

Normal Parents Don't Quote Shakespeare - Or Do They?

My 14 year old daughter recently berated me for "stalking her Facebook page."  By "stalking" she meant "looking at."  Why did I have to read all of her statuses, along with all of the comments for each status, she lamented.  Mind you, some of the comments for a particular status can go on for pages - more than 30 or 40 comments.  This is what usually piques my interest =).  When I mentioned in conversation something that her friend had said in a comment, she went crazy.  The words "stalker" and "creepy" flew at me.  At first I was laughing at her reaction.  When I realized that she was actually upset by this, I got angry.  Aren't your friends supposed to read your statuses (and the requisite comments) on Facebook? Was this not the purpose of Facebook?  Now I was yelling.  Seeing how upset about this I had become, my daughter quickly back-peddled.  "God, I was just kidding..." was the reply I got - along with a roll of the eyes.  "Do you know what Shakespeare once wrote?" I retorted.  "Many a truth are said in jest."  A pregnant pause.  She looked at me and said, "He should've been more clear about what he meant......Oh, wait."  The lightbulb went off over her head.  I smiled.  As she turned away she said, "You know, normal parents don't quote Shakespeare."


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