Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Tale of Love Between Sisters

Below is a photo taken of one of Sam/s "spelling stories."  Her fifth grade teacher assigns such stories once a week for homework.  The purpose of the assignment is not to illustrate understanding of the words (as would be the case for vocabulary words) but simply to practice spelling the words correctly.  Apparently, Sam needs to work on that part a bit.

I just LOVE these stories?  Why? Well, for one thing, I think they illustrate Sam's level of creativity and imagination.  Second, Allie enjoys these stories immensely.  She is often the subject of Sam's weekly spelling stories and even posts them on her Facebook page for everyone to see.  And, most importantly, by putting those two points together, it proves to me that Allie and Sam, though they often deny it, truly love and respect one another.  They are both intelligent, creative, and sarcastic (a requirement in our family).  They are confident enough in themselves to appreciate the creativity and humor of the other, even if it is at their own expense.  They take each other seriously when need be, and not too seriously most other times.  Clearly, I've been doing something right.   =)


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